Don Ruden

Founder & CEO

Don started his optical career in 1959in sales at B & M Optical in Joliet, Illinois. It was a very small lab employing about 10 people. In 1971 it was sold to The Milton Roy Company in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1974, Don was promoted to Division Manager and moved to Sarasota, Florida heading up the wholesale laboratories operation. During the five years that he held the position, he closed two facilities, opened three, and combined two in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Returning to Joliet, Don opened Expert Optics in 1979. Since then, Expert has grown from six employees to 110.  Don also opened a second facility in South Bend, Indiana.  Don says, "Every time I feel that I should retire, some exciting opportunity presents itself.  So that being said, I will probably continue on and hope to be a part of that next opportunity."

Greg Ruden


Greg Ruden, President, was already familiar with laboratory operations when he began working full-time as a sales professional for Expert in 1991. Cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping the floors was commonplace during his youth. After college he completed the Disney Management Training Program.  With the exception of a one and one half year stint with SOLA Optical, Greg has worked at least a portion of every year at Expert dating back to 1979. During those 30+ years,Greg has held the positions sales representative, director of marketing, VP of sales and earned his current title in 2003.

Greg served on the initial advisory board for Eyefinity, spent seven years as a member of the advisory board for the Optical Laboratories Association, and led the Global Laboratories Marketing Committee as its chairman for five years. In 2004 Greg was recognized by Jobson’s “Vision Monday” as one of the Top 40 under 40 in the optical industry.

Bob Pommier

Director of Laboratory Operations

Bob has been with Expert Optics for 29+ years. Joining the company shortly after they opened, Bob began his career working in the Surface Department, fining and polishing glass lenses. After a short time, Bob became supervisor of the department then moving on to the Production Manager a few years later before taking on the responsibility of the entire operation in production, Customer Service and Delivery. Bob currently manages about 85 employees which includes the responsibility of the South Bend Laboratory. Bob has served as the general contractor for several major projects at the lab including the start up of the South Bend Facility, the build out and start up of two A/R coating facilities and most recently the completion of the state of the art, fully automated, Digital Surfacing Department.

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Scott Keers
Bob Mares
Paul Allen
Judy Gray
Gail Upchurch

Director of Transportation
Gail become Director in January of 2008. She has over 13+ years at Expert Optics. She has 19 employees who cover 12 routes daily.


Customer Service
Bridget has been in Customer Service for 10+ years.She is assistant to Paul Allen, Customer Service Manager.

Craig Ceasar

Customer Service
Jen has over 10 years of industry experience, including 8+ yearsat Expert Optics.


Scott Peterson
Cheryl Flint

Customer Service
Sarah has been a Customer Service Representative since 2008.Sarah had 4 years prior customer service experience in the food & beverage industry and for a medical testing company.

Eric Urton
Bob Hughbanks
Tom Culley
Todd Ramlo
Scott Becker

Coating Laboratory Manager
Scott has been Coating Laboratory Manager since June of 2007with past years of experience at Expert Optics. Scott has eight employees in his department.

Chris Lutz

Finish Department Manager
Chris has been in the optical field since 1980. Worked in production, sales and management. He joined Expert Optics in 2007and has been a manager since 2009.

Laurie Huska

Customer Service
Crystal has been a Customer Service representative at Expert Optics for 5+ years.Prior to her service at Expert, she had 7 years of experience as a dispensing optician. 

Christine Graf
Walter Castelluccio

Dir. of Information Technology
Walter joined Expert Optics in January of 2008,coming from 30+ years of experience in the computer and manufacturing industries, with over 10 years of management experience.

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